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Napoleone / Napoléon

In some passages you write Napoleone, in others Napoléon. Why do you do so?

Napoléon is pronounced [,na,pɔ’lɛ,ɔɲ] and Napoleone [,na,pɔ’lɛ,ɔnɛ]. This is of cause the pronunciation in present-day standard Italian. His own pronunciation was probably closer to the present-day Corsican Nabulione. However, I in fact don't know how it should be pronounced. Furthermore people agreed on how to write in Corsican mostly after his death. So I consider it a bit anachronistic to spell it that way.
I prefer the form Napoléon because it is one syllable shorter. The form Napoleone I normally use only sometimes. But I try to be consistent. As such I write Napoléon under the questions 19, otherwise I write Napoleone. I see this as a good compromise in this case.

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