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Science Fiction questions and answers

Questions marked with (sve) are also answered in Swedish.

1. Chakat
1.1. Hermaphroditism (sve)
1.2. Shi 

2. Freefall
2.1. Florence Ambrose (sve)
2.2. Helix (sve)
2.3. Jean (sve)
2.4. Nickel (sve)
2.5. Sam Starfall (sve)
2.6. Winston Shudder Thurmad (sve)

3. The Bonapartic clone
3.1. Jean-Christophe Bonaparte (sve)
3.2. Haplogroup (sve)
3.3. Heights (sve)
3.4. My dad and his hairstyle (sve)
3.5. Opening of grave (sve)
3.7. The poisoning theory (sve)

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