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Federation of Althea

What is the Federation of Althea?

It is an interstellar civilisation which developed from former Earth colonies.  It is based on an agreement on civil rights for all sentient beings.  The Federation of Althea is organised in a way most closely resembling the European Union.  However, it does not seem to suffer from the democratic defiance which has always plagued the European Union.

Image © Krister Sundelin.

The Federation of Althea is named for the planet Althea which the capital world of Fo'ur orbits.  Althea is an enormous gas giant which has nine moons.  Fo'ur is the only habitable one of them.  In contrast to Trantor and Coruscant it is not entirely covered in cityscapes.  The population is even at the lower range of variation for core worlds due to its low fraction of land.
In 4170 AD the Federation of Althea consists of about 1,200 worlds:

• One sixth are core worlds with a population of 10 – 20 thousand millions.  These are comparable to industrialized countries and has a kind of welfare system based on citizen's income.
• One third are inner rim worlds with 1 – 10 thousand million inhabitants.  These can be compared to less developed countries where people which can’t earn enough has to rely on charity.
• The remaining half are considered outer rim worlds with a population of less than a thousand million.  These consist the Federation’s expansion zones where societies have just started to be built.

Usually, the least populated worlds are rather far from the core worlds.  But it is entirely possible to find all three types within the same planetary system.

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