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What is iynisin?

It is a separate species of genetically engineered humans.  (They can have children with humans but these children are sterile.)  This is how they differ from humans:

• More aggressive and less social.
• Better sense of smell than humans.
• Long, pointy ears to make them hear better.
• Claws instead of nails which are semi-retractable like a cheetah's.
• The hair on their heads continues to the shoulders and gradually narrows down to the sacrum.
• May have streaks in their hair.
• Greater resistance to inbreeding since the great majority of hereditary disease has been removed from their genome.

Otherwise, they look like humans and have the same characteristics.  They have a largely European look since their human genes come from Americans of mostly European descent.  Skin colour varies from pink to light brown.  On the other hand, there don't seem to be any iynisin with curly hair.
Iynisin were created as super-soldiers in the middle of the 21st century.  This was done on the account of the United States in secret labs on Mars.  However, the first generation of iynisin was raised by Japanese.  When this generation had reached their teens an about 500 years old but still fully functional starship was found in the ground.  Right when it was dung out the first generation of iynisin broke out.  They killed all humans around the lab which they blew up afterwards.  Then they escaped in the starship and left the Solar system.  Before their supplies ran out they managed to land on Ahira.  It then became their own planet.

Image © Krister Sundelin.

Within the space known by the Federation of Althea there are three groups of iynisin:

• Ahirin are descendants of the iynisin choosing to stay on Ahira.  They have a pre-industrial society and don't want to have anything to do with other iynisin.  Their culture has a mix of Japanese and Arabic features but without the latter's extreme misogyny.
• Foruin live as an ethnic minority within the Federation of Althea.  Their culture resembles the Japanese one but is very much less hierarchical.  The very most of them are trained to control their anger.
• Tikanarin descend from people which emigrated in connection with the foundation of the Federation.  They have an own interstellar civilisation named the Empire of Tikanari.  It is a Feudal aristocracy
 with equal conscription for women and men.
All iynisin speak languages descending from Japanese.  Foruin and Tikanarin splintered so recently that they still speak the same language (Suriyani).  In the case of Ahirin it is a matter of dialect continuum rather than distinct languages.
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