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What does Skymningshem mean?

It literally means “Nightfall Home” in Swedish, although “Home of Twilight” might be a better translation.  It refers to an older role-playing game by the same author.  It is a planetary romance game taking place on Fo'ur 749 years earlier.  The title refers to the natural lighting conditions on the moon.  Due to the distance from its sun and the airborne photosynthetic micro-organisms in its atmosphere it never gets very bright.  At best, the light levels are comparable to a cloudy day on Earth.  On the other hand, it never gets completely dark either due to the year-round aurora lighting up the moon's night skies.
Otherwise, this role-playing game takes place in a 
post-apocalyptic agrarian society.  There are two groups of people which still have high technology.  One is a secretive organisation called the Triluminar’s Society.  It does not have much high technology but actively tries to get more for their own benefit.  The other one consists of 37 people which have entrenched themselves in their ancestors’ colony ships.  Ordinary people call them Wizards and their starships Wizard-Towers.
19 years later war breaks out between the Wizards and the Triluminar’s Society.  The war ends with both groups being forced to leave Fo’ur.  However, before that a great deal of the science and technology possessed by the Wizards has leaked out.  Thanks to this it becomes possible for Fo’ur to build up an 
industrial society.  This is the beginning of the development leading forth to the Second Empire.

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