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What is thrakinde?

It is an alien species which has arisen on Fo'ur.  Its members look about like this:

Image © Krister Sundelin.

The forward-leaning stance is a by-effect of their ability to move both bipedally and quadrupedally.  The women are taller and more heavily built than the men.  They have no breasts as mammary glades never evolved on Fo'ur.  Instead, children are born with teeth.  About teeth, the ones of thrakinde are rather sharp.
Thrakinde has a partly different speech apparatus than humans.  For this reason they physically can't pronounce some human language sounds.  These include English [b], [m], [p], and [v].  On the other hand, humans can pronounce all languages sounds used by thrakinde.  Some of them just require some practice.  All living thrakindic languages use the same language sounds.  But the vowels are more important for the ones tracing their origin to Fo'ur's southern hemisphere.  Except for that difference their sound systems are the same.

© Krister Sundelin & Lena Synnerholm.
Last changed the 16th of October 2019.