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This is mostly few people which portraits I wanted to make available.  In some cases I have used the names they are most known as.  Here is a list with explanations of the rest.

Francesco Antommarchi
Charles Jean Bernadotte
Henri Gratien Bertrand
Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte
Napoleon Franz Joseph Karl Bonaparte
Girolamo Buonaparte
Giuseppe Napoleone Buonaparte
Luciano Buonaparte
Luigi Napoleone Buonaparte
Maria Anna Elisa Buonaparte
Maria Annunziata Carolina Buonaparte
Maria Paolina Buonaparte
Napoleone Buonaparte
Louis Philippe de Capet
David Geoffrey Chandler
Sten Forshufvud
Maria Ludovica von Habsburg-Lothringen
Pascal Kintz
Hudson Lowe
Maria Łączyńska
Louis Joseph Marchand
Charles Tristan de Montholon
Horatio Nelson
Maria Letizia Ramolino
Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie
Magnus Uggla
Aleksander Józef Walewski
Ben Weider
Arthur Wellesley

Two versions of a painting showing Napoleone Buonaparte’s death:
• La morte di Napoleone.
• La mort du Napoléon.

Two photos of death masks I wanted to make available.

What Napoléon I Bonaparte died from is written as debunking.  The main questions answered are:

• Did Napoléon die from cancer?
No, there is not enough evidence for that.
• Then what did he die from?
He was poisoned to death in such a way it was not obvious back then.

The questions of secondary importance answered are:

• Did Napoléon die from hepatitis?
This explanation is insufficient.
• Did Napoléon die from drug abuse?
Contemporary eyewitness accounts don’t support this.
• Did Napoléon fall victim to environmental poisoning?
This hypothesis has been disproved since the points in time don’t mach.
• Did Napoléon live in poverty on Saint Helena?
He had nothing to complain of.
• Was Napoléon literary in jail?
It is metaphorical expressions taken literary.
• Could Napoléon have escaped from Saint Helena?
He was far too famous and supervised for that.
• Is it really Napoléon who is buried in the Invalids?
How the dead man was taken back to Paris did not allow for any hoax.

If someone asks about a certain statement I can almost always specify the source to it.  (Yes, I have used Wiki­pedia as a source.  However, it is for the present name of the place where Napoléon was first buried.)  Turns it out that I have no source I am grateful for good sources.  If they contradict what I wave written I also change the text.

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